tweed noun  \ ˈtwēd  \
Definition of tweed:
1. a rough woolen fabric made usually in twill weaves and used especially for suits, sportcoats, vests and caps.
2. tweeds plural, tweed clothing specifically : a tweed suit

First Known Use of tweed: 1841, in the meaning defined (1).
History and Etymology for tweed probably short for Scots tweedling, twidling or twilled cloth.

2018 Albany Tweed Ride photo by: Oliver J. Anderson

2019 Albany Tweed Ride Photo by: Oliver J. Anderson

Other tweed bike ride events that you may be interested in include:

• Tweed PDX No event this year, you are encouraged to ride with a friend.

• Corvallis Tweed Ride - Spring 2021 Date TBA

2018 Deluxe Vintage Bike Show: Oliver J. Anderson

Albany Tweed Ride is an annual event in Albany Oregon. The ride takes place on the Saturday of Mother's Day weekend. The event is part of the Historic Preservation Month activities in Albany, Oregon. The ride is organized and hosted by The Natty Dresser a full service menswear shop in the heart of Historic Downtown Albany, Oregon. For 2021 the date is May 8th. Please join us!

Deluxe Brewing Vintage Bike Show

PRESENTS: bike ride event

Tweed Ride 2018 at The Natty Dresser
The Natty Dresser Logo
2018 Tweed Ride photo by Oliver J. Anderson

2018 Albany Tweed Ride photo by: Oliver J. Anderson

Tweed Ride 2019 - in front of The Natty Dresser

Don your finest tweed attire and join us for a bicycle tour of Albany, oregon's historic districts. We will be stopping on occasion to talk about the historic buildings and sights along the way.

The ride ends at the Deluxe Brewery where they will be hosting their annual Vintage Bicycle Show and Swap Meet.

Food and drink will be available for purchase at the brewery.  You are welcome to bring a picnic lunch to the bike ride event , as the brewery allows outside food. Bring a cup,  if it looks like it is going to be a warm day for tweed we will have a water break along the way.

2019 Albany Tweed Ride Photo by Fritz Darling

Albany Tweed Ride

Refreshments along the Albany canal Tweed Ride 2019

Here is a story the local paper ran about our 2018 Albany Tweed Ride

The Natty Dresser