Custom Shirts - Made To Measure

Fabrics shown may not be currently available as the fabrics change seasonally.

Are You Tired of Ill-Fitting Shirts?

These days, it’s hard to find an off-the-rack shirt that fits correctly, particularly if you’ve got unique measurements.

Tall, slender men may find that to get the sleeve length they need, they end up with a shirt body that’s so large it bags and sags. Fuller-bodied gentlemen may have the opposite trouble, with shirt bodies — and sometimes even sleeves — that are less than roomy. And length? Off-the-rack shirts come in standard lengths, but let’s face it — most people aren’t “average.”

You've probably experienced that too-long shirt with so much material that tucking it is nearly impossible. Or, a shirt so short that lifting your arms exposes your midriff or causes your shirt to come untucked from you pants.

When You Need that Perfect Fit, Choose The Natty Dresser

How does it work? It's as easy as a quick stop into our store!

​1. First, our expert staff will measure you.

2. Next, you'll try on our sample sizing shirts to make sure that we have the right fit. Once we know this, we will keep in on file for future orders or your holiday wish list.

3. Then, you’ll choose from over a hundred fabrics to get just the right color and pattern.

4. Finally, you’ll select additional options for collars, cuffs, buttons, and even monogramming to ensure that your shirt is truly one-of-a-kind.

You will have your custom, made-to-measure shirt in 7-14 business days!

Ready for a shirt that fits you perfectly? Call The Natty Dresser or stop by our store in Downtown Albany .

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