Final tailoring is done in-house at The Natty Dresser saving you time and money.

In-house tailoring at The Natty Dresser

Custom Suits​ - Made to Measure

Ready to Get Started?

Here’s How to Get Your Custom Suit in 6-8 weeks.

It’s easy to own your very own, perfectly tailored suit. Here’s how:

1. Call us and book an appointment with Oscar to get started.

2. At the consultation, you’ll choose a fabric and we’ll take your measurements. This will take anywhere from an hour-and-a-half to three hours. Wear clothing that makes it easy to measure you — a close-fitting t-shirt or polo and pair of chinos is perfect.

Note: If you have a suit or sport coat that fits you relatively well, please bring it with you.  We can use it as a starting point to define what you’re looking for in a suit.

3. Once we receive your deposit, we can place the order with the tailoring house and your new suit should arrive within 6-8 weeks.

4. Once the suit is here, we’ll call you to come try it on. At that point, we’ll mark for hems and discuss other alterations.

5. Depending on the alterations required, you will be able to pick up your suit in ten days or less. final payment is due at that time.

A finely tailored suit is within reach! Let The Natty Dresser’s made-to-measure service craft a custom suit you’ll be proud of for years to come. Call us at (541) 248-3561 and get started today!

Suit by Adrian Jules

The Natty Dresser

Experience the Luxury of a Custom Suit

There is nothing more incredible than the look — and feel — of a bespoke suit.

Whether you need to look perfect for a job interview, meeting, or special occasion, a hand-tailored suit will provide a spot-on fit in the material and color you desire.

Worried about cost? At the Natty Dresser, we have three tailoring options from which to choose. One is sure to fit your needs.

Different Levels to Suit Your Needs

Getting your custom, made-to-measure suit is easy with the Natty Dresser.

First, decide which of our three levels is right for your budget:

Private Label Created by Renowned U.S. Tailoring House, Adrian Jules made in New York

  • Highest-grade USA tailor
  • Huge fabric selection
  • Full canvas
  • 6 - 10 week turn-around
  • In-house final fittings
  • A fully bespoke option is available.

 Private Label Tailored by Hart Schaffner Marx made in Chicago

  • Since 1887
  • Large fabric selection
  • Half canvas construction
  • Short 6 week turn-around
  • In-house final fitting

​Private Label by Platinum Fashion made in China

  • Large fabric selection
  • Half canvas construction
  • Short 6 week turn-around
  • In-house final fittings