NOTE: Online sales are new to us so we may need some time getting used to shipping things efficiently, please bear with us as we adapt to this new way of doing things.

The Natty Dresser

Online Shop

The Natty Dresser is by definition a Brick & Mortar, Mom & Pop Shop.

It is impossible to give our customers our desired level of customer service through an online portal. However, with that said we are offering a select few items that we feel confident will not disappoint, even without the benefit of our amazing team helping you.

This project was brought to the surface by the great pandemic of 2020. Mostly because Oscar needed something to keep him busy. As time goes on, we will be adjusting the look of the catalog to better reflect the aesthetics of our beautiful store. We will also be adding to the offerings by adding in off season items that would otherwise be confined to the back stockroom. If have any questions about anything on the page, please feel free to give us a call. We are happy to offer free delivery in Albany, and will combine shipping charges to the extent that we can.