The Natty Dresser

Our Natty T-shirts are designed in-house and printed for us by our friends at NoDinx here in Albany Oregon; on beautiful 100% cotton crew neck T-shirts. We currently have three designs, in sizes S-XXL.

Natty Definition....$19

     - White

     - Ivory 

Natty Guys...............$19

     - Light Blue

     - Heather Gray

Albany Brewing Company; two-color shirt with metallic ink...................$22

     - Forest Green

     - Chocolate

     - Black

     - Dark Blue

Note:  We do add $5 postage and handling to the T-shirt prices.

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Natty T-Shirts

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We can help! You can even add a note with it that we like to call a Nattygram.

You can personalize it for his birthday, job promotion, anniversary, a thank you, or just because.

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A little history about our Albany Brewing T-shirts:

Albany Brewing Company was a real business in Albany, Oregon.
​In 1906 the Albany City Council voted to ban beer and alcohol sales in the city. The plant was sold to the Salem Brewing Company, but continued to produce 8,000 barrels of beer a year to sell to the Northern California markets until the plant was closed in 1908; and the equipment moved to Salem for the expansion of Salem's plant. The entire state went dry in 1915, forcing Salem Brewing out of business.

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