The Natty Dresser

Marisa started sewing when she took a class at age 6 or so, her first project being a draw string bag. She is very detail oriented and likes the challenge of taking a garment that doesn't fit and making it look amazing. She excels at finding creative solutions to challenging projects and is exceptionally skilled when it comes to bridal alterations. When she isn't sewing for The Natty Dresser, she enjoys spending time with her family & pets.

Master Tailor, Carolyn Naumann

The Natty Dresser offers tailoring, alteration and mending services for the greater Albany, Oregon area. 

Drop off your garments at the Natty Dresser during any of our regular business hours. Most alterations and repairs take 1 week or less. You will get an estimated completion time when you come in for a consultation.

Alterations we perform include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Tailoring of Suits and Sportcoats, Coats and Vests
    - Hem Sleeves
    - Take in waist
    ​- Shoulders up
    - Shorten Jacket
    - Narrow Lapels...
  • Tailoring Shirts 
    - Hem Sleeves
    - Take in waist
    - Taper Sleeves
    - Shorten Body...
  • Alterations to Trousers and Denim
    - Take in / Let out
    - Hemming
    - Take up stride
    - Crotch repair...
  • Dresses & Skirts
    ​- Hems
    - Take in waist
    - Add darts...
  • Wedding gowns / bridesmaid dresses
    - Hems
    - Boning
    - Take in / let out
    - Bustling
    - Add / remove sleeves
    - Make lace-up

Tailoring & Alterations

Seamstress, Marisa Massingale

Mens or Womens 

Purchased at the Natty Dresser - Or Not!

Carolyn started sewing at the age of 5 under the tutelage of her grandmother who was also a master tailor. She has since had a long career working at places like The Bon Marché, bridal shops and the Nordstrom in Hawaii; doing everything from simple hems and basic alterations to building suits and wedding gowns, all while raising 9 children. Carolyn moved to the Albany area to be near her grandchildren and landed at The Natty Dresser just as the shop was ready to open.